Angular 2.0 Batarangle

When debugging your Angular 2 app, you don’t want to find yourself without tool support. In partnership with AngularJS core team, has created Batarangle. A Google Chrome Dev Tools extention for debugging Angular 2 applications.

Getting the Extention

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- Brad Green (Engineering Director @ Google)

Why Use Batarangle?

Visual Interface

Helps Angular 2.0 developers visualize the application through component trees, and visual debugging tools.

Open Source

Batarangle is an open source effort with Google and You can contribute and fork the repo on GitHub.


By keeping in mind the exisiting Google Developer Tools you already love and use -It’s easy to get debugging.

Latest Version Support

Batarangle supports the latest Angular version. With rapid changes Batarangle strives to keep up to date and relevent.

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